Repairing A Raised Foundation With Crawlspace Jacks in Fullerton, CA

Repairing A Raised Foundation With Crawlspace Jacks in Fullerton, CA

Customer: Arin Z.

Location: Fullerton, CA 

Project Consultant: Phil Laney

Project Manager: James Rodriguez

Why did customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Arin called Dalinghaus because he was looking for a second opinion following an evaluation he had done with another local foundation repair company. He had already signed a contract with them, but was feeling uneasy about their recommendations. Arin had them out to address some shifting he noticed in his mixed/raised foundation home. The door leading to the garage was sticking. Also, there were 2 huge cracks throughout the garage slab, and the garage wall. The other company’s solution was to cut giant holes in the subfloor of the home to install Crawlspace Jacks, because they said the crawlspace was too small to access. He wanted to see if there were any alternatives to ripping up his floor.

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

We sent Project Consultant, Phil Laney, to take a closer look. He wanted to see if we could offer them a more viable and economical solution. Phil took elevation readings with a ziplevel altimeter throughout the home, and did an inspection of the crawlspace. The data showed a 2 inch drop in the center of the home, pretty far from the access to the crawlspace. Though cutting a giant hole in the floor would certainly make carrying out the project easier, Phil saw we could absolutely complete this project without ripping a hole in their floor. It would require some excavating in the crawlspace, but still much less expensive than replacing the floor. His proposal consisted of placing a total 7 Crawlspace Jacks in the affected area, as well as replacing 9 wood posts. Arin quickly terminated the contract with the other company, and moved forward with Dalinghaus to complete the work.

Project Foreman, James Rodriguez and his crew were in charge of the install for this project. The crew began by digging the holes to build the base for the permitted Crawlspace Jacks. They placed the rebar, and poured concrete in the hole to for a base for the jack. Once the base had cured, the crew was able to place the Crawlspace Jacks, and attempt a lift. Next, the crew worked on replacing the 9 wood posts. The homeowner was very happy we were able to achieve the results he was looking for, without the headache of ripping up his floors.

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