Using Push Piers To Lift A Sinking Home In Costa Mesa, CA

Using Push Piers To Lift A Sinking Home In Costa Mesa, CA

Customer: Patrick Q.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Project Consultant: Mark Cook

Engineers: Engineering Services & Design of Socal Inc., and SFA

Project Foreman: Dimitri Pierce

Why did the customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Patrick reached out to us because he wanted to have a foundation inspection done on a home in Costa Mesa that he was in escrow for. Patrick told us that approximately 50 feet on one side of the home was sinking due to a crack in the foundation. 

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

We sent Project Consultant, Mark Cook out to the property for a Real Estate Inspection. Mark used his ziplevel altimeter to take elevation readings of the foundation. Mark’s data showed multiple areas of settlement. The worst affected area was down 2.4 inches!  Mark teamed up with Engineering Services & Design of Socal Inc., and the engineers SFA for this project. Together the team constructed a repair plan that consisted of 12 push piers on the failing side of the home. Patrick was happy with the team’s recommendations, and decided to move forward with the repair.

Project Manager, Dimitri Pierce, and his team carried out the repair of Patrick’s foundation. Dimitri began by performing a walk-through of the project with Patrick. Dimitri was able to communicate what to expect over the 4 days of the repair. The crew began by excavating 3’ x 3’ holes at each pier location. The footings were then prepped, and the push pier brackets were mounted. Pipe was driven at each pier location to load bearing strata, at average depths of 9 feet. The home was lifted to maximum practical recovery. The crew cut and capped all 12 pier locations. Once the city signed off on the project, the crew backfilled and tamped down the previously excavated soils. The crew then cleaned up the jobsite, leaving it nice and clean for Patrick.

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