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Why is my door hard to open and close?

It's amazing how much we take our doors opening and closing with ease for granted.  It's just as amazing how less than an inch of movement within the door frame can cause the door to be a nightmare to open and close or not to be able to be open or close it at all!

There are a few primary factors that can cause your door(s) to experience this opening and closing dilemma.  Here are the main ones that we see on a regular basis:

  1. Foundation Movement - Your home's foundation plays the key role in keeping the structure of your home in a straight and upright position.  When your home's foundation starts to experience movement, whether it be heaving or settlement, your home's structure will move with it.  This upwards or downwards movement can wreck havoc on the framing of the house and consequently, your home's doors.
  2. Humidity Levels - Believe it or not, the amount of moisture in the air can play a huge part in making those doors hard to open and close.  It won't typically result in a complete misalignment, but more so as just tighter to push or pull the door into or out of the frame.  Wood is an organic material and thus is susceptible to moisture levels in the air.  The higher the moisture levels the more the wood absorbs that moisture and begins to expand.  Likewise, the lower the moisture levels will cause the wood to dry out and shrink back into place.  
  3. Your Crazy Kids! - Now this one is 100% self inflicted! LOL  If a door is slammed on a regular basis or pulled without having the latch disengaged it can start to cause stress on the framing and it will have an adverse effect on your door.  Another great thing is when doors are hung on like a swing or pulled, it will cause your door hinges to start to pull out of the framing or it will cause them to bend.  This too will cause the door to no open and close properly.

Now, we as a foundation can take care of the first cause of the doors not opening and closing properly.  The second one is going to be hard to do unless you have a dehumidifier funning 24/7 and having a constant moisture level in your home.  and the third one....good luck! ;)  

One thing to look for to see if the reason your doors are hard to open and close is for cracking in the drywall around the framing of the door.  This is almost always present when there is foundation movement in that area.  Furthermore, the doors that are effected can be isolated to just a section of your home that maybe experiencing movement.  We rarely see a house experience settlement uniformly throughout the entire home.  

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