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Burbank, CA

A City Built by People, Pride, and Progress
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Foundation Repair In The City Of Burbank

One of the great places for iconic TV shows in Burbank.  From housing Warner Bros to Disney it is billed as the Media Capital of the World.  Not only does it provide an opportunity for thousands in the entertainment industry, but it also has a great international airport making it easy to travel from anywhere and land directly in the city.

The city of Burbank has a pretty interesting history. The city’s surface soils are very similar to the soils present throughout Los Angeles County. There’s is a ton of expansive clay and loamy sand, which can wreak havoc on homeowners. These expansive clay soils will often lead to settling, or sinking, due to the recurring cycles of expansion in the presence of moisture and contraction as it dries out. Over time voids will form in the soil allowing the structures built above it to move. This settling can lead to all different types of things from interior cracks on drywall to sticking doors and windows. If you’re interested in checking out all of the common signs & symptoms of a settling foundation in Burbank take a look at the list below:

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