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Foundation Repair in Pismo Beach, CA

Foundation Repair In The City Pismo Beach

You have an interesting history of Pismo Beach, CA, ranging from being inhabited by the Chumash people 9,000 years ago, its incorporation in 1939, disincorporation in 1940, and reincorporation in 1946. The city has a beautiful ocean, is an hour away from Hearst Castle, has many restaurants, and has been a great place for home and business owners to thrive.

It’s also an area where a fair share of property owners deal with foundation, crawlspace, hillside, and seawall issues.

But that’s okay. No one can help the composition and movement of the Earth to cause these problems. Dalinghaus Construction alleviates these issues, especially after completing over 2,3000 foundation repair projects since 2015. We’ve worked in Pismo Beach, CA, as well as other parts of Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. We have the expertise to help you with these particular issues no matter the size.

What are the signs of foundation issues in Pismo Beach, CA?

When talking about these signs, we’re also going to cover signs with your crawlspace, the retaining wall for your hillside, and your seawall.

Starting with the foundation of your home or business, you’ll see more than one of these signs when you can figure out something is way off. This is when you’ll want to get in contact with a licensed and qualified foundation repair contractor.

You’ll know you’re having issues with your crawlspace when you can see and feel your floor start to sag or get droopy. This is an indicator that your posts and pads aren’t doing their job of holding your floor or some of the wood is deteriorating.

To identify hillside instability, you’ll see your retaining wall start to lean, bow, buckle, and even crack.

Seawalls will be similar to retaining walls, except for the factor of combating the ocean. So you’ll see your seawall start to lean, bow, buckle, lean, have concrete spalling, and rust stains from rebar inside.

Pismo Beach, CA, has a nice mashup of soils, but a very large prominence of clay soil. Clay is susceptible to expansion and shrinking depending on the amount of moisture present. Less moisture causes soil to shrink and have properties to deal with foundation settlement, meaning that an area of a home or business is starting to sink. And moisture can cause soils to erode, which is another large contributor to foundation settlement.

Any of these conditions leading to these signs will require special attention from a foundation repair contractor you can count on. Dalinghaus Construction will provide you with the right foundation repair solutions to help ameliorate your home or business with foundation issues.

The foundation repair process in Pismo Beach, CA

Like any other city, your process will always start with an initial 60-90 minute foundation inspection. These are free unless your property is on the market. Real estate foundation inspections will be $1,000, which is credited toward your foundation inspection.

Your foundation inspection involves one of our Project Design Specialists coming to your property to look around your property and do a proper evaluation. They create a scaled drawing of your property with floor elevation measurements as they conduct their inspection.

You can schedule your foundation inspection either online or by calling (877)360-9277.

On either the day of or after your foundation inspection, a foundation repair plan is created and sent over to you. This involves a full report on what was found, the scaled CAD drawing of your property, and the recommended foundation repair plan.

If you agree to move forward with your foundation repair, your project will be scheduled and underway.

How do you do foundation and crawlspace repair?

With the number of hills and moving soils in Pismo Beach, CA, your foundation must be stabilized. Dalinghaus Construction uses galvanized steel Push pier and Helical pier underpinning systems.

Which particular system is used for you depends on the circumstances you’re dealing with. If your home or business has enough weight to it, Push piers, galvanized steel tubes, will be hydraulically driven using the building’s weight until reaching competent soil or bedrock. If your structure is too light, helical piers have helices at the base of it that allow it to be screwed in. It’s screwed in separately from your home or business using a helical torque motor until reaching competent soil or the recommended torque.
Both piering systems effectively stabilize your home or business, not to mention they’re capable of foundation leveling, which involves lifting the area affected by foundation settlement up to maximum practical recovery.

Some circumstances require the soil underneath your foundation to be strengthened to help with stabilization. Soil erosion and foundation lifting are big causes of voids in the soil. Polyurethane foam is a perfect solution since the substance rapidly expands, cures in minutes, is incredibly light, can be as hard as concrete, and is environmentally safe! Compared to mud jacking, deep injection with polyurethane is a much better solution, especially when concrete is not only heavier but can exacerbate your foundation issues.

Things work a little differently with a raised foundation home with a crawlspace. When the posts and pads aren’t doing their job in supporting the floor, crawlspace jacks will be put in to do the job instead. Sometimes the girder beams and other pieces of wood deteriorate, which would involve one of our production teams going into the crawlspace to shore everything up and replace the deteriorating material. Crawlspace repair is important for your floors to feel level again and make sure your home is safe.

You can expect to see foundation cracks when your home or business starts to settle. There are two ways to fix this issue. The first is gravity-feeding Epoxy, a resin similar to glue, into the crack and drying to hold everything together. The next alternative is the use of Carbon Fiber stitching, which uses carbon fiber stitching to cover cracks and block moisture from getting in between to make contact with rebar.

How do hillside stabilization and seawall repair happen?

Hydrostatic pressure, gravity, and laterally moving soil are huge contributors to damaging your retaining wall. When it comes to alleviating hydrostatic pressure, weep holes will be installed to let water escape.

To stabilize your retaining wall, Helical tiebacks, which are installed at more of a horizontal angle, will go into your wall and the soil until reaching competent soil or the recommended torque. They’re then anchored to your retaining wall to offer additional reinforcements.

Seawalls work a little bit differently from retaining walls, even though they do very similar things. Hydrostatic pressure will be combatted using polyurethane to fill in the soil and let water escape. Cleaning out soot from weep holes also helps.

Cracked seawalls will require Carbon Fiber stitching to cover up cracks. This will strengthen your seawall and prevent water from getting in the cracks to oxidize the rebar.

Reasons for foundation repair, crawlspace repair, hillside stabilization, and seawall repair in Pismo Beach, CA?


Pismo Beach, CA, is a beautiful place. Your home or business is likely just as beautiful, but dealing with a cosmetic damage phase. Foundation repair lets your home or business overcome that stage in its lifespan.


You don’t want to wait on and exacerbate the cosmetic damage phase. The more time left unaddressed can turn into structural damage. Foundation repair early on can prevent the damage from becoming structural.


Is your day-to-day being affected by foundation settlement? Maybe windows and doors are difficult to open and close? Do your floors feel a little off? These likely result from foundation issues affecting those areas of your home or business.


A raised foundation home will experience drooping floors that make you feel like you’re about to sink. Crawlspace repair will have your Pismo Beach, CA, home feeling back to normal.
home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


A failing retaining wall is way more expensive to replace if it collapses. Hillside stabilization is much cheaper compared to removal and replacement. You can keep the soil where it’s at and preserve your retaining wall.


If you want to maintain the livelihood and value of your beachfront property, seawall repair is a must, especially when the ocean likes to creep onto land and steal the soil on your land.


Any foundation issues need to be legally disclosed if you decide to put your property on the market. This inevitably decreases your buyer base and property value by 30%. Foundation repair rectifies these issues, meaning you’re more likely to sell your property at its full value.


Foundation repair, crawlspace repair, hillside stability, and seawall stabilization makes sense in maintaining the stability and longevity of your property in Pismo Beach, CA.

The next step – scheduling your foundation inspection

This also includes inspecting your crawlspace, retaining wall, and seawall. Understandably, you want your property to be around the beauty of Pismo Beach, CA.

You’ll want to take these issues seriously to maintain property value, have a little more stability in your life, add longevity to the integrity of your home or business, and offer that little bit of reassurance in your life.

Dalinghaus Construction is ready to help you with the repairs you need. Give us a call at (877)360-9277 or go online to schedule your foundation inspection today!

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