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Wherever you decide to own a commercial or residential property, you’re always at risk of dealing with foundation-related issues. The same goes for having problems with a crawlspace for a raised foundation home or your retaining wall slowly failing. It would be nice if Monrovia, CA, was immune to these problems.

Whether you’re dealing with foundation settlement, retaining wall failure, or a crawlspace issue, you want a reliable foundation repair contractor to help. We have completed over 2,300 projects since 2015, helping property owners with their foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues with accuracy to detail solutions.

Signs of foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues in Monrovia, CA

You’ll want to contact a licensed and qualified foundation repair contractor when you notice more than one of these signs to come and inspect your residential or commercial property.

You’ll know you have crawlspace issues when you feel your floor sag due to either A) wood-like girder beams are deteriorating or B) the posts and pads aren’t properly holding up the wood that supports your floor.

Your retaining wall has problems primarily from moisture building up behind it. It’s added weight your retaining wall is trying to compensate for. Your retaining wall will bow, buckle, lean, and/or crack.

The soil conditions leave your property susceptible to issues from soil erosion or expansive soils shrinking due to a lack of moisture. These issues cause foundation settlement, which means your residential or commercial building, or an area of it, is slowly sinking into the soil and causing damage.

You’ll want to contact a reliable foundation repair contractor to come to help you if you’re experiencing any of the following problems. That way you can eliminate these issues permanently.

The foundation repair process in Monrovia, CA?

You’ll first have a FREE 60-90 minute foundation inspection with one of our Project Design Specialists, who will also look at your crawlspace and retaining wall. They will go around your residential or commercial property and search for signs of foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues. They create a scaled drawing of your property with floor elevation measurements to find out where the source of the problem is coming from and figure out what you’re dealing with.

Properties on the market have a price for real estate foundation inspections. They are $1,000, which is also credited toward your foundation repair cost.

Next, you’ll receive a recommended repair plan the day of or after your initial foundation inspection. This includes a full report on what they found during their inspection, a CAD drawing of your property, and the recommended plan.

If you decide to continue with your foundation, crawlspace, and/or retaining wall repair, you will have your project scheduled, started, and completed.

Foundation and crawlspace repair methods in Monrovia, CA

To stabilize the foundation of your residential or commercial business, Dalinghaus Construction will use Push pier and Helical pier underpinning systems. They both fulfill purposes of stabilization and can be used for the bonus of foundation leveling – your building is lifted as close to level as possible. The main difference comes from installation based on their design and the weight of your building.

Push piers are galvanized steel tubes hydraulically driven into the soil using the weight of your building until reaching loadbearing strata. Helical piers have helices at the base that allow them to be installed separately from your building like a screw until reaching the recommended torque. They’re then attached to brackets bolted to your concrete footing.

When you have voids in the soil under your foundation, whether it’s due to foundation leveling or soil erosion, they’ll need to be filled to provide additional stability. We do deep injection with Polyurethane foam to fill voids, densify the soil, and relevel. Polyurethane is rapidly expansive, cures in 15 minutes, is environmentally friendly, lightweight, and can be as hard as concrete when under enough pressure.

The way crawlspace repair works is by having one of our production teams go in to replace deteriorated wood such as girder beams and/or install crawlspace jacks in the place of posts and pads to support your floor.

Retaining wall repair methods

The largest culprit to retaining wall failure is moisture. The hydrostatic pressure adds weight to your retaining wall, causing it to work harder. Moisture needs to escape somehow. Weep holes can be installed to allow water to escape, relieving stress on your wall.

To stabilize your retaining wall, Helical tiebacks will be put into the sloped soil. A production team creates a hole in your wall for the tieback to fit in and is driven into the soil until reaching the recommended torque. They’re then anchored to your wall to offer additional support.

Reasons for foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall repair in Monrovia, CA


You have to deal with your fair share of cosmetic issues when your foundation is a problem. And without foundation repair, those cosmetic eyesores get worse, even if you try to cover them up.


Dealing with cosmetic eyesores isn’t a big deal. The big deal is when the damage goes from cosmetic to structural. Structural issues put your property at risk of being red-tagged.


You can expect the signs to look worse over time as you neglect foundation repair. Many property owners try to cover them up, but they always come back because of foundation issues.


Foundation issues do more than present themselves in the form of damages. They can affect your day-to-day, especially when windows and doors are difficult to close and open and you can feel your floors start to slope.

home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Your floors become a hazard when they start to sag, whether it causes you to trip or you experience a collapse and get injured. Crawlspace repair is a good idea sooner than later.


A retaining wall failing can affect your property negatively, especially when lateral movement can create or worsen foundation issues. Retaining wall repair will let your wall function how it’s supposed to, protecting your residential or commercial building from dealing with both vertical and lateral movement.


Good luck selling your property at full price when you have to legally disclose foundation issues on the market. Banks won’t loan out to properties with foundation issues. You’ll limit yourself to Cash Buyers, who can negotiate the price down by 30%.


If you’re looking for the longevity, stability, and full value of your property, these repairs are a must. You want to take these issues seriously, especially when it means these repairs can bring you peace of mind.

Next - schedule a foundation inspection for your Monrovia, CA, property

You want to take the integrity of your foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall seriously. That way your property can avoid damages that can be prevented. Dalinghaus Construction can have someone come to your property and offer a solution that best fits your needs.

To get started, you can go online or call Dalinghaus Construction at (877)360-9277 to schedule a foundation inspection today.

Are you ready to learn more about what’s happening to your home’s foundation

We offer free, no-obligation foundation inspections to homeowners.

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