Lift and Stabilizing Home With Polyurethane Injections in West Hills

Customer: David S.

Location: West Hills, CA

Why did customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

David reached out to us because he had been noticing signs that the back of his house had been settling. He had observed some separation on the walls. Also, the back door was sticking and hard to operate. He was interested in our Polyurethane Injections to lifting the house. The house had underpinning done a few years ago with another company. David, stated it was not done properly. 

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

We sent our Project Consultant David Netting for an inspection of the home’s foundation. He used a Ziplevel Altimeter to check for changes in the foundation’s elevation. David’s readings showed 1 corner of the home sustained a 1.1 inch drop. He was in need of Polyurethane- Deep Injection alongside 2 walls below the existing structure. We were to raise the slab to Maximum Practical Recovery utilizing dual component polyurethane. Our Polyurethane Project Specialist, Rick Whitehead injected approximately 60 pounds of polyurethane below footing to both stabilize, and lift back corner of home at a depth of approximately 6’. David was so happy with the work Dalinghaus Construction completed on his home’s foundation, he reached out to us earlier this month because he is looking to restore his garage floor with our 1 Day Concrete Floor Coatings.

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Justin Sexton

Justin joins the Dalinghaus Construction family with a significant background in logistics and project management. He joined the team in early 2017 as a foundation inspector, but quickly transitioned towards a marketing role. He now manages the marketing department and creates everything that you see from us digitally.

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