Stabilizing A Home With Push Piers And Polyurethane in Fullerton, CA

Stabilizing A Home With Push Piers And Polyurethane in Fullerton, CA

Customer: Komal A.

Location: Fullerton, CA

Project Foreman: Dimitri Pierce

Why did the customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Komal was first put in touch with Dalinghaus Construction back in March 2018 by Home Advisor. He had purchased the slab on grade foundation home a month prior. The ranch style home, built in 1963, had displayed cracks throughout the stucco outside the home, as well as tiles inside. Another local foundation repair company had already come out to the home. (Side note…we recommend doing your homework before your initial appointment! Reading online reviews can give you a good idea of what you can expect at your inspection!😉) The “other” company had given him a proposal, but wasn’t able to answer for him if the home was settling or not.🤔 Komal wanted to have one of our specialists out to see if we would be able to determine if he indeed had a settlement issue. Holly, our Office Manager, was able to coordinate an inspection for Komal just 4 days later.

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

Upon inspection, our Project Specialist was able to determine there was 1.1 inches of deflection between the center and the back of the home. Our goal was to stabilize the back of the home by placing Push Piers, in conjunction with injecting Polyurethane to stabilize the soils under the back patio. Komal was pleased with the game plan that was presented to him, and he decided to move forward with the repair!

The Project Manager for this repair was Dimitri Pierce. Dimitri began by walking the job site with Komal, and the crew, so everyone could be on the same page on what to expect for the installation. The crew began by mapping out, and marking all of the pier locations. They then excavated  3’ x 3’ holes holes at each of the pier locations. The footings were then cleaned and prepped for bracket installation. The Push Pier brackets were then mounted, and pipe was driven down about 24’ at each location until they reached load bearing strata (a technical term for soil that can bear significant weight without compressing, or shifting). Once all the piers were in place, our Poly Crew was able to carefully inject Polyurethane under Komal’s brick patio to stabilize the area.

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