Why Hire Dalinghaus Construction Incorporated?

A few weeks back, somebody asked one of our foundation repair specialists a great question: why should we choose Dalinghaus for our foundation repair?

In other words, this client was asking what sets you apart from all of the other foundation repair companies and why should I pick you over them?

 A few immediate answers come to mind. You should hire Dalinghaus because:

  •   Dalinghaus is trustworthy (as signified by our many excellent reviews)
  •   Dalinghaus is transparent about the entire process (just read our blog)    
  •   Dalinghaus Construction Inc. represents the American Dream (started by two farm boys from Kansas who want to do it right)

These are just a few preliminary answers to a question that everyone should pose to their foundation repair inspector before signing their signature on the dotted line.

Why Hire Dalinghaus?

Dalinghaus Construction Inc. is one of the most recognized foundation repair specialists in Southern California and Central Arizona, servicing foundations since 2011. Today, Brian and Brad Dalinghaus strive not only to provide great customer service but develop a familial work environment. Boasting over 100 years of combined construction experience, Dalinghaus specializes in foundation repair, steel pier systems, polyurethane deep injections, concrete leveling, waterproofing, seismic retrofitting, and more, with a goal of serving over 10,000 by 2030. Dalinghaus lives by the core values: we are part of a team, we always do the right thing, we own it, and we never settle…neither should you.

To answer this question in detail I will cover:

  •   Why Brad and I Co-Founded Dalinghaus
  •   Dalinghaus’ Core Values
  •   Dalinghaus’ Work Culture
  •   Dalinghaus’ Excellent Track Record
  •   Dalinghaus’ Warranty

Our Story

Brad and I grew up on a farm in Kansas. We had bloody knuckles all summer from mechanicing on farm equipment, learned our way around horses (note our horseshoe insignia), and learned the payoff of hard work.

The truth is we never set out to co-found a foundation repair construction company. If you’ve watched our Quarantine Classroom Series on Youtube, then you know I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Elementary Education.

My wife and I moved from Kansas after I graduated to stake our claim in Southern California. I looked for substitute teaching work, but the requirements in the State of California are intense, even back in the early 2000s.

I found an ad in PennySaver for a construction gig. If you grew up on a farm, then you damn well know how to swing a hammer. I showed up and was offered the job on the spot – thus began my relationship with Saber Foundation Repair.

I quickly worked my way up in the company. I did it all: grunt layman labor to foreman to residential sales to commercial sales – I mean, I really did it all.

Eventually, I left the company believing I could do it bigger and better on my own knowing a company built on honesty and integrity would flourish. 

My brother Brad, by this time, had also moved out to SoCal and we had partnered into an eventful home flipping business and general construction company that evolved into Dalinghaus Construction Inc.  

With Brad’s degree in Accounting and mine in Education, we complement each other very well .  

We cofounded Dalinghaus Construction Inc. in 2015 and have since completed over 2000 foundation repair projects.

We have enjoyed success because we understand every client’s situation is unique and (true to my teaching background) it is imperative to educate the client on the entire process.

It is our intention to provide the best, most comprehensive foundation repair education in all forms of media in order that the consumer can make a strong, educated decision regarding their individualistic repair needs. 

Dalinghaus’ Core Values

 Peter Drucker said it best when he wrote: culture eats strategy for breakfast. We have set the framework for a strong work culture on 4 key tenants:  

We are a part of a team 

Success is a group effort. We win and lose as a team, a cohesive unit. We have a carefully tailored infostructure to ensure we have the right people in the right seatsThis results in a confluence of collaboration and interdependence.

We always do the right thing 

Our decisions and actions are predicated upon a foundation of integrityhonesty, and respect. Our word is our bond, and we stick to it. We do not upsell, utilize illegitimate change orders, or take advantage of the elderly/disabled.      

We own it 

We put our money where our mouth is. If we mess up, we fix it. We take full responsibility which is why we now offer a lifetime warranty on our steel pier systems and competitive limited warranties for other services.

We never settle 

It’s that simple. We. Never. Give. Up. We don’t compromise and we don’t back down. We strive for excellence when it comes to the foundation repair process, from inspection to completion.  

Work Culture

These 4 tenants infuse gusto into our work culture. We enjoy a vibrant vocational environment that permeates all the way through our production crews, office team, and foundation repair specialists.   

We put our employees first

*Note – if you’re interested in working for Dalinghaus Construction Inc., click the link below for career opportunities.  

We hire skilled, competent workers and vet them through extensive, industry-specific training. This allows us to work congruentlysafely, and efficiently.  

Assembling a dream team allows us to be better equipped to tailor-fit your specific projects to your specific needs. No two projects are the same and at Dalinghaus, our clients are behind the wheel.   

Excellent Track Record

Check out our Google My Business. We currently have just under 300 reviews with 4.9 stars for our Lake Elsinore location. That’s a helluva lot of reviews and a great track record.

We can also be found on:

While great reviews are fantastic, we are also legally qualified (licensed, insured, and bonded) to get the job done right.  

Lic # 983851

  • C-8 – CONCRETE


We put our money where our mouth is. Our steel pier systems have a lifetime warranty. And, no, not your lifetime – the lifetime of the structure. This warranty is transferable upon inheritance or sale.  

We also have limited warranties on our polyurethane services.

We stand behind the quality of our work.  

We Never Settle, Neither Should You

 In short, you should hire Dalinghaus Foundation Inc. because we know you are the hero of your story.

We are here simply to guide you along your journey to foundation repair and recovery. 


Brian Dalinghaus

Brian is one of the Co-Founders of Dalinghaus Construction. He has been in the foundation repair industry since 2005. During his career, he has been associated with helping over 4,000 homes and structures throughout California and Arizona.

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