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Raised foundations are different from you slab on grade or a post tension slab foundations. Raised foundations are designed to have the majority of the load of the home or structure transferred to the exterior footing or any interior footings. The floor of a raised foundation is supported by a pier and beam system. This system is designed to support the floor and any live loads that my be applied to the floor. Live loads are things that are able to be moved, such as, people, furniture, pianos, and other items. If you have a heavy live load, like a safe, you will want to make sure that your floor is properly supported to absorb those loads, so you don’t damage the integrity of the pier and beam system that is supporting it.

One way that we do additional support for raised foundations is utilizing steel crawlspace jacks instead of the typical wood posts. With the crawlspace jacks, we excavate an area for the jack pad. This pad is typically 3’x3’x18″ and is either filled with compacted rock or concrete, depending on the loads that are calculated for each location. These crawlspace jacks are then installed, attached to the girder beam, and then tightened utilizing a wrench. The crawlspace jacks are even designed to lift the interior floor if the floor is experiencing any sagging.

An inspection is required to confirm the number of wood posts that would need to be swapped out and also a floor elevation survey will need to be conducted to confirm there are no low areas in the existing floor. This system works very well and will last for years to come.

We inspect hundreds of crawlspaces every year and you would not believe some of the solutions that people have come up with in regard to securing and raising the subfloor of their home. Don’t allow a contractor to merely shim your existing posts and pads, when you can secure them with our crawlspace jack system.

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