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Foundation Repair In The City of Long Beach

When it comes to living well in residential areas and beachfront properties, Long Beach, CA, is where it’s at. It’s the area between LA and Orange counties with a rich sense of community and diversity.

As wonderful as the city is, it still has to deal with its fair share of foundation and seawall issues.

That’s why you want a reliable contractor to help you solve these issues when you see signs of a failing foundation or seawall. Dalinghaus Construction has served not only in Long Beach, CA, but also in other cities throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. Since 2015, we’ve finished over 2000 foundation repair projects, continuously being precise on every project home and business owner can count on.

Signs of foundation and seawall issues in Long Beach, CA

If you spot multiple foundation issues that were initially unnoticed, you shouldn’t let them debilitate you. Yes, you want to take care of foundation issues before they get worse, but the damage is only cosmetic most of the time. You’ll know if you have structural issues.

And don’t worry if you see only one sign. That might be separate from foundation problems.

When it comes to seawalls, they have to deal with the ocean and the soil it’s retaining. There is a bunch of hydrostatic pressure it’s dealing with on one side while water crashes on the other. You’ll see the signs of a failing seawall such as soil loss, leaning, deterioration, cracking, and oxidizing rebar.

And your home might have a raised foundation. What happens is a part of your floor will start to feel droopy. This is a sign that either the wood in your crawlspace is deteriorating or the posts and pads aren’t doing their job in reinforcing your floor.

With Long Beach, CA, being on the coast, home and business owners face challenges, especially when it comes to foundation settlement or seawall failure. Soil composition will affect your foundation, especially when it’s due to the presence of moisture.

This will result in foundation settlement and other various other foundation issues, which will require a professional to take care of. Dalinghaus Construction offers high-quality foundation repair services around Long Beach, CA, making sure the structure on your property is safe from foundation-related damage.

What can I expect for my seawall and foundation repair process in Long Beach, CA?

We never make this process complicated for you. We want your experience to be as stress-free as possible.

Your process will always start with a scheduled foundation inspection that lasts 60-90 minutes. This is done with one of our Project Design Specialists. What happens is your Project Design Specialist goes around your property to check for any issues. They create a scaled diagram of your home with floor elevation measurements.

Up next, your Project Design Specialist will send you a seawall or foundation repair plan, which will include a full report based on what they found, the CAD drawing of your property, and the recommended repair plan.

Finally, your seawall or foundation repair is scheduled and finally happening! Your repair will be based on the plan provided and city permits.

How is foundation repair done in Long Beach, CA?

Being close to LA, there might be plenty of different underpinnings foundation repair contractors use in Long Beach, CA. Concrete has been commonly used in the past, but tends to be invasive. Dalinghaus Construction instead uses galvanized steel push pier and helical pier underpinnings.

Both types of pier underpinnings are used for the same purpose of making sure your home or business is stabilized. The main difference is how each pier is put into the ground. Push piers are hydraulically pushed into the ground using the weight of your home or business. If the structure being used is too light, helical piers will be installed separately from the foundation using a helical torque motor.

Each of these galvanized steel underpinnings is put into the ground until reaching competent soil or bedrock. They’re used to stabilize, but can also be used to lift your home back to maximum practical recovery, meaning the area of your home or business affected by foundation settlement is brought as close to level as possible.

When a slab-on-grade foundation is lifted, voids will be left in the soil that needs to be addressed. This is where polyurethane foam comes in. Polyurethane will be injected into the ground for deep injection, void fill, and soil stabilization. That way the structure on your property is reinforced by a foam that can be as hard as concrete.

Finally, crawlspace issues do happen for raised foundations, especially when a part of your floor is lower than usual. Any deteriorated wood will be replaced by one of our production teams. They’re the ones who will go into the creepy crawly crawlspace. They’ll also put in crawlspace jacks that will support your floor. That way they don’t feel depressed.

How do you do seawall repair in Long Beach, CA?

Seawall repair will depend on the damage done. Sometimes your seawall won’t crack but will start to lean. Maybe it’s the other way around.

When it comes to seawalls leaning, it means hydrostatic pressure is being applied to your wall with water being unable to escape. If your seawall has weep holes, they will be looked at to make sure there isn’t any blockage.

Polyurethane will be injected behind the seawall to maintain stability.

When it comes to cracks in your seawall, carbon fiber stitching will be applied. It’s excellent for keeping your seawall together and blocking out water from reaching the rebar.

What reasons should I have seawall or foundation repair for my Long Beach, CA property?


Cosmetic issues aren’t the biggest deal in the world, but you may not like to see them when they appear. Foundation repair will let you address these cosmetic issues without worrying about them coming back because of your foundation.


Foundation issues always come back. It would be nice to repair it on your own, but you need professionals to take care of the issue. Foundation repair will prevent those issues from getting worse.


Foundation settlement can make your floors uneven, making it feel like you’re about to go down a slide at the park. This happens with any type of foundation. But it can at least be stopped. Foundation repair via foundation stabilization or leveling will make it so your home won’t keep sinking into the ground.


You want foundation repair to get better before it gets worse. The longer you put off foundation repair, the more damage you can expect to see. The damage is expected to come back, even if you try your best to cover it up.
home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Foundation issues decrease the value of your home or business if you decide to sell on the market. Banks usually aren’t willing to loan to people with damaged properties. You’ll manage to get cash buyers to take your home, but they can buy your property for 30% of its full value. At least foundation repair will let you sell your property for its entire value.


Crawlspace repair will make your floors feel back to normal as though there was never a problem with your raised foundation.


A failing seawall can put your property in danger since water will erode the soil. It’s also a problem in reducing property value. Seawall repair makes it so your property is further protected and keeps its full value.


Foundation repair and seawall repair are practical for maintaining your number one investment. You can feel as though you have a sense of stability once again, knowing your property will be safe in the long run.

Protect your Long Beach, CA, property! Schedule your seawall or foundation inspection today!

You want to make sure your home or business is protected at any cost, especially in the beautiful city of Long Beach, CA. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but those around you will also feel more comfortable on your property.

The best part is a seawall and foundation inspections are free. Assuming your property isn’t being inspected for real estate purposes. Real estate foundation inspections are $1000, which is credited toward your repair cost.

Make sure your Long Beach, CA, the property is protected. Dalinghaus Construction is here to help with your seawall or foundation repair – contact us today!

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