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Foundation Repair in Crestline, CA

A Mountain Community
foundation inspection

With plenty of wildlife, areas to hike, a hilly climate, and the location of the famous Lake Gregory, Crestline, CA, is a small city homeowners have grown to love and businesses to thrive, especially on services such as education and tourism.

Though even the most wonderful areas are susceptible to issues. Residential and commercial property owners like you find yourselves dealing with problems related to your foundation, crawlspace, or retaining wall, especially when Crestline, CA, has so many slopes.

These aren’t problems you need to deal with on your own. Dalinghaus Construction has been in the foundation repair business since 2015, specializing in foundation stabilization, foundation leveling, crawlspace repair, deep injection with Polyurethane foam, and retaining wall repair for hillside stabilization. After completing over 2,300 projects throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada, we’ve earned the reputation as a trusted foundation repair contractor that serves Crestline, CA. Our experienced professionals can handle any job with attention to detail that home and business owners have been able to count on.

Signs of foundation, crawlspace, and hillside issues in Crestline, CA

When you see these signs of foundation issues, you’ll want to contact a foundation repair professional to come out and check out your property. If you see one sign, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with your foundation. It may be something unrelated.

These issues usually result from foundation settlement, meaning the soil is shifting and affecting your residential or commercial property. Most of the time, an area of your building is slowly shifting downward.

Crawlspace issues aren’t exactly indicative of you dealing with something like foundation settlement. You might feel and see your floor sagging in a certain area. If you feel like you’re going to fall under your home, you have a problem. Sagging floors happen for a couple of reasons.

You’ll know you have hillside issues when you see your retaining wall lean, bow, buckle, and possibly crack. This is due to a mix of laterally moving soil and moisture buildup behind your retaining wall.

Crestline, CA, is a very hilly area, meaning there is plenty of lateral and downward movement you have to deal with for your home or business. Moisture presence can also cause foundation settlement, whether it’s through the soil expanding, shrinking, or eroding.

You’ll want to contact a qualified and licensed foundation repair contractor that can offer solutions to make these issues a thing of the past. Dalinghaus Construction offers solutions that stabilize and maintain the value of your property.

How does the foundation repair process go in Crestline, CA?

The first part of your foundation repair process will be your initial 60-90 minute foundation inspection around your property with one of our project design specialists. A foundation inspection involves looking at the problem you’re most concerned about, whether it’s your foundation, crawlspace, or retaining wall.

Your foundation inspection is free unless it’s for properties on the market. Real estate foundation inspections are $1,000, which is also credited toward your foundation repair.

The specialist will go around your property to look for damages, take measurements, and create a drawing of the property to find the area affected by these issues and figure out a solution best fit for your needs.

On the day of or after your initial foundation inspection, you’ll receive your foundation repair plan, which includes a full report, a CAD drawing of your property, and the recommended repair for your needs.

If you decide to continue with your repair, your project will finally happen! Your foundation, crawlspace, or retaining wall repair will be underway and completed.

Common foundation and crawlspace repair in Crestline, CA

When your home or business is settling, it’s important to do foundation stabilization. The methods we use are galvanized steel Push piers and Helical piers. They’re not only great for foundation stabilization. They’re excellent for foundation leveling, which involves lifting the area of your home or business affected by foundation settlement up to maximum practical recovery.

The main difference between these piers, other than how they’re designed, is based on how they’re driven into the soil.

Push piers are steel tubes that use the weight of your residential or commercial structure to be hydraulically driven into the ground until reaching competent soil or bedrock.

Helical piers are used when your building is too light since they have helices at the base. They’re driven into the soil separate from the building using a helical torque motor until reaching competent soil or the recommended torque. They’re then attacked to a retrofit bracket attached to the foundation.

If you’re dealing with soil erosion or you did a lift on your slab-on-grade foundation, there will be voids in the soil that need to be filled. You’ll have a deep injection with Polyurethane foam done to fill these voids and strengthen the soil. Polyurethane can also be used for releveling! This is a much better alternative compared to mud jacking, especially when polyurethane foam expands rapidly, cures in 15 minutes, can be as hard as concrete when under enough pressure, is 3-5 lbs per cubic foot, and is environmentally friendly.

You might need Crawlspace repair regardless of your property dealing with foundation settlement. This can happen after or lift or something else is going on with your crawlspace. One of the production teams will go into your crawlspace to shore everything up, followed by replacing deteriorated wood holding up your floor and/or installing crawlspace jacks. Either way, your floor will finally stop sagging.

What about retaining wall repair?

Hydrostatic pressure is a real thing that contributes to retaining walls failing. To let moisture escape, weep holes will be retrofitted.

To stabilize your retaining wall, Helical tiebacks are put through your wall and driven into the soil until reaching competent soil or the recommended torque. These are like Helical piers, except they’re installed to combat lateral movement.

Helical tiebacks are also used so your residential or commercial structure on the slope stops moving laterally.

Reasons for foundation repair, crawlspace repair, and retaining wall repair in Crestline, CA


Foundation issues present themselves in the form of cosmetic damage to your property. It doesn’t look nice, nor make you feel comfortable in your home or business. Going through with foundation repair lets you fix these damages without worrying about them coming back due to issues related to your foundation.


The cosmetic damage can turn structural if you decide to delay your foundation repair for a long time. This doesn’t happen often, though it can, especially when your property is on a slope. Settlement and lateral movement of soil aren’t good for your property.


Your property doesn’t heal itself like a scratch on an arm. Foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues don’t get better over time. You’ll want foundation repair to prevent these problems from getting worse.


The little problems in your life add up to affect your day-to-day, especially when your doors and windows are difficult to open and you feel your floor slope. You can try to put a bandaid on these issues, though they will always come back without foundation repair.

home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Your crawlspace is something you want to make sure maintains its integrity, especially when your floors get saggy or droopy. With crawlspace repair, you can have your floors flat again as though there wasn’t an issue in the first place.


When you’re living on a slope, it’s essential to have your retaining wall do its job properly so you don’t have moving soil affect your property. Retaining wall repair is important for your hillside stabilization and the integrity of your residential or commercial property.


You can expect the value of your property to decrease when you put it on the market, especially when it has any foundation, crawlspace, or retaining wall issues that need to be legally disclosed. When banks aren’t willing to loan to these damaged properties, you’re limited to dealing with Cash Buyers, who can bring the full value price down by 30%.


Foundation repair, crawlspace repair, and retaining wall repair is essential in maintaining the longevity, stability, and full value of your property, especially when your residential or commercial property is one of the top investments in your life.

Don’t let your property suffer – schedule your foundation inspection!

Again, Dalinghaus Construction will look at your foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall for any issues. You want to make sure you’re maintaining the stability, longevity, and value of your property.

Make sure one of your top investments in life is protected from foundation settlement and lateral movement.

If you’re experiencing issues with your foundation, crawlspace, or retaining wall, take the time to contact Dalinghaus Construction to have your inspection scheduled.

You can go online or call (877)360-9277 to schedule a foundation inspection today.

*Free evaluation is for homeowners only.

Foundation inspections for real estate transactions fees start at $1000 that can then be applied as a credit if there is work that is needed to be performed on the home. The fee is to cover our time to inspect and generate a report as well as any travel expenses.

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