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Foundation Repair In The City of Torrance

Torrance, CA, is a cool area close to the coast with a large portion of sandy soil and some clay. Regardless of the types of soil, residential and commercial buildings are susceptible to foundation settlement, causing issues for homeowners and business owners.

Foundation issues aren’t an issue when you have a foundation repair contractor you can count on. Dalinghaus Construction has been a leading contractor in cities around Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. Torrance, CA, is no exception. We’ve done over 2,000 foundation repair projects since 2015, specializing in foundation stabilization, foundation leveling, hillside stabilization, polyurethane injection, seawall repair, and crawlspace repair for residential and commercial properties.

We have the experience to handle jobs of any size with precision and accuracy you can count on.

What signs are there for foundation issues in Torrance, CA?

Sandy or clay soils can still have your Torrance, CA, property exposed to foundation issues. It will usually be more than one issue to indicate needing foundation repair. If you only find one, it might be an entirely separate issue.
If the floor of your home has a raised foundation that reminds you of a depressed cartoon character as you walk around, it means something is going on with your crawlspace. Either the wood holding everything up in your home is failing or the posts and pads aren’t connected to the girder beams. While most of Torrance, CA, isn’t at the beach, there are plenty of properties with that beautiful ocean view. This is where you might see some seawalls, holding back the ocean from soil erosion. The signs of a failing seawall are soil loss, deterioration, leaning, cracking, or oxidizing rebar. While Torrance, CA, doesn’t have too many hills, there are enough slopes to cause lateral movement and affect your property, whether it’s your home, business, or retaining wall. The topography and climate make it so residents in Torrance, CA, have some unique challenges to face. You want to take your foundation, hillside, and seawall issues seriously with a trusted professional to help with these repairs. Dalinghaus Construction offers high-quality foundation repair, hillside stabilization, seawall repair, and crawlspace repair solutions to help provide a little more stability in your life.

What can I expect for my foundation repair, hillside stabilization, or seawall repair process in Torrance, CA?

This process will be the same as in any other city you go to. The first part of the process is going through a free 60-90 minute seawall or foundation inspection where one of our Project Design Specialists creates a scaled diagram of your property with floor elevation measurements. That way they can properly assess the problems with your foundation or seawall. The next portion involves the Project Design Specialist that inspected your property creating a seawall or foundation repair plan based on the findings during the inspection. You’ll receive a full report, a CAD drawing of your property, and the recommended seawall or foundation repair plan. Finally, seawall or foundation repair will be made based on the plans and required permits.

What methods are used for foundation repair, hillside stabilization, crawlspace repair, or seawall repair in Torrance, CA?

For any type of repair for your property, you’ll find a good amount of methods used to stabilize your home or business. Some contractors use concrete. Dalinghaus Construction uses galvanized steel push pier and helical pier underpinnings.

Both push piers and helical piers serve the same purpose in stabilizing your property. They are attached to the concrete footing of your foundation to prevent your home or business from moving at the same time the soil does. The primary difference is how each of these piers is put into the ground.

Push piers use the weight of a structure to be hydraulically driven into the ground until they reach competent soil or bedrock. Helical piers are installed separately from the structure by being put into the soil like a screw since they have helices at the base. This is done using a helical torque motor until the pier reaches competent soil or the recommended torque. They are then attached to the concrete footing of your foundation.

What’s also cool about these pier systems is they can also be used for foundation leveling, which involves the area of your property affected by foundation settlement being brought as close to level with the rest of the structure. It is lifted to maximum practical recovery, which means it’s at the amount of lift achievable before damage is caused to your home or business.

After a structure with a slab-on-grade structure is lifted, there is additional stabilization needed to prevent movement, especially when there are voids in the soil. Polyurethane will be injected into the soil to create a densified foam. Polyurethane is injected for void fill, soil densification, and deep injection.

Your raised foundation structure will also need the crawlspace to be fixed up after a lift, or when your floors start to sag. Crawlspace repair will be done by one of our production teams to replace deteriorating wood, support your floors with crawlspace jacks, or both.

While there isn’t an overabundance of slopes in Torrance, CA, there is still lateral movement you can experience depending on where your property is located. Your retaining wall might start to bow or your property will begin to move. This is where helical tiebacks come in. These are installed at a more horizontal angle under your home, business, or in your retaining wall until reaching competent soil.

Your retaining wall will work as though it received an overabundance of reinforcements when initially losing a battle against the soil. And the structure on your property will stay in place despite lateral movement.

Finally, seawall repair is essential in preventing soil erosion and protecting your property. Seawall repair happens by addressing cracks using carbon fiber stitching or putting polyurethane under your wall to combat voids and hydrostatic pressure.

How do you repair foundation cracks for a Torrance, CA, property?

Dalinghaus Construction repairs foundation cracks are fixed in a couple of ways. One way is gravity-feeding epoxy, a glue-like resin, into the crack until it hardens. Another method is using carbon fiber stitching, which is put on top of a crack to strengthen and waterproof your foundation. That way you don’t need to worry about future cracks.

Reasons for foundation repair, hillside stabilization, seawall repair, or crawlspace repair in Torrance, CA


Foundation problems make themselves known in the form of cosmetic issues. Cosmetic issues aren’t pleasing to look at, especially when they’re implicitly letting you know there are problems. You can cover them up, but they’ll come back so long as you don’t do foundation repair. Foundation repair lets you take care of cosmetic issues on a more permanent level.


While most foundation issues are cosmetic, the problems can become structural if left unaddressed for a significant amount of time. You’ll want foundation repair before it could ever get to that point.


You may not have noticed some things in your day-to-day getting a tiny bit more difficult, but your brain did. Have your windows and doors felt sticky when you open and close them? That’s because the area affected by foundation settlement is shifting your window and door frames. Foundation repair, whether through foundation stabilization or foundation leveling, will allow you to fix those windows and doors without that stickiness coming back.


You might notice your retaining wall starting to bow or lean as though it’s about to break apart. You don’t want soil getting into your property or soil affecting your neighbor. Using helical tiebacks to reinforce your wall will be excellent for hillside stabilization and making sure nobody’s home or business will have soil invade.
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Foundation Repair 1285


When your floors start to sag in your raised foundation, you don’t want to cause excess damage as though you’ll fall through the floor. Crawlspace repair will have your floor supported as though there was never a problem in the first place.


Seawalls are essential for keeping the water off your property and your soil from eroding. Sometimes water will still make it over and add pressure to your wall. That or your seawall is starting to crack. Seawall repair is essential in protecting your property, as well as maintaining its full value.


Foundation issues will drop your property value if you decide to sell, especially when they need to be legally disclosed. Banks are less likely to loan out money for a home with foundation issues, limiting potential buyers to cash buyers. They can negotiate the price of your property down by 30%. Foundation repair will let you maintain the full value of your property and offer more buyers.


Lastly, foundation repair makes sense for maintaining your top investment. It lets those who live or work under the roof you provide feel more secure, along with providing you peace of mind.

Make sure your Torrance, CA, property is okay. Schedule a free foundation inspection!

You shouldn’t have to worry if your property can receive more damages due to foundation issues. You’ll want to schedule your free 60-90 minute foundation inspection for the betterment of your top investment.

Keep in mind these inspections are free for properties that aren’t on the market. Real estate foundation inspections will cost $1000, which is credited toward your foundation repair, hillside stabilization, and seawall repair.

Dalinghaus Construction is ready to help you with those repairs you need – contact us today!

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