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Placentia, CA

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Foundation Repair In The City of Placentia

The City of Placentia was named after a Latin word meaning a pleasant place to live. Placentia was incorporated in 1926 and has a very interesting history even before that. Although it’s a beautiful city to live in, the soils hiding beneath the city’s surface leave a lot to be desired. Similar to the rest of Orange County, the surface soils in the Placentia consist of clay, loamy sand, and silty loam. This mixture, unfortunately, makes for the perfect blend to create expansive clay soil. As these soils are presented with moisture they soak it up and expand, but as the soils dry out it shrinks and contracts. Over time and after many of these continuous cycles we’re left with incompetent soils, that we can’t even see, under a home’s foundation. Whether your home has a slab on grade or is on a raised foundation, there are a handful of common signs and symptoms of a settling foundation:

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