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Foundation Repair In Santee, CA

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Foundation Repair In The City of Santee

Incorporated in 1980, Santee, CA, would become an incorporated city in East County of San Diego. Home of Gillespie Field and one of the few drive-in theaters still existing in San Diego County.

It’s also one part of East County where homes and businesses are susceptible to foundation issues, especially when it comes to foundation settlement and hillside issues, even though the city isn’t burdened with too many hills.

Thankfully, this isn’t too much of a problem to deal with, especially when you have trusted foundation repair contractors to help you. We’ve been serving Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada since 2015, working in cities like Santee, CA. With over 2,000 finished projects, we’ve become a well-respected foundation repair contractor with attention to detail homeowners and business owners can rely on.

How do I know if I have foundation or hillside issues on my Santee, CA, property?

You’ll find multiple signs before you should reach out to a professional and consider foundation repair. One sign doesn’t mean you have foundation issues necessarily.

Santee, CA, has a good mix of sandy and clay loam, which seems to be a classic San Diego County move. Makes sense when the county is by the coast, desert, and mountains, creating one of the most biodiverse climates in the world.

The soil makes your home or business prone to foundation settlement depending on the amount of moisture present. Southern California is mostly dry, which causes the soil to shrink and the structure to sink (at least an area).

Because of the soil content, you’ll want to make sure you have a professional check out your home or business for quality foundation repair.

How does the foundation repair process start?

You’ll first have to schedule a foundation inspection with one of our Project Design Specialists, who will come to your door on the day agreed upon.

Your foundation inspection is free if you’re home is NOT on the market. Real estate inspections will be $1,000, which is credited toward your foundation repair if you decide to move forward.

Our Project Design Specialist will be at your property for 60-90 minutes, liking for any signs, taking measurements, and floor elevations to evaluate your property. They will draw a scaled CAD drawing to properly assess the problem you’re experiencing.

After this, they will leave and create a repair plan that you’ll receive either the day of or the next day.

If you decide to move forward, your repair will be scheduled and underway.

How are foundation repair and hillside stabilization done in Santee, CA

Why should I do foundation repair and hillside stabilization in Santee, CA?


Your home is your number one investment you want to feel comfortable living in. Foundation settlement isn’t something that makes anyone feel comfortable, especially when you see cosmetic issues in the areas of your home affected. Foundation repair lets you be able to take on cosmetic damage without worrying about them coming back from your foundation issues.


Those cosmetic issues don’t just go away with a bandaid. Cover them up all you like, but they always come back. And foundation settlement doesn’t tend to stop forever. Cosmetic damage will come back to haunt you.


The majority of foundation issues appear cosmetically. That said, they can become structural if unattended for a while. If you’re seeing the sun go through a crack in your ceiling, you probably have a structural issue. You can prevent those structural issues when you do foundation repair.


Any foundation-related damage needs to be legally disclosed if you decide to put your property on the market. The result will be that the value will drop significantly. Since banks tend to not loan on a home with foundation issues, you’ll be limited to cash buyers. They can negotiate the price of your property down by 30%.

home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Foundation repair will save your property value. It costs an average of $26,000 to do foundation repair on your home or business. The cost of foundation repair and selling after tends to put more money in your pocket.


You can experience more of a workout than usual when your windows and doors are difficult to open and close due to foundation issues. Foundation repairs will make it so those things won’t feel sticky and give you an arm workout.


Hillside stabilization will keep the soil from intruding on your property where it is. If the retailning wall is below your home or business, you making sure the structure you own won’t be affected by faster foundation settlement or lateral movement.


Foundation repair and hillside stabilization offer peace of mind, letting you know your property is fine and not sinking or moving in any other way. You’ll know your home or business is stabilized and maintains its appropriate value.

Protect your Santee, CA, property. Schedule your foundation inspection today!

Dalinghaus Construction is wonderful when it comes to foundation repair and hillside stabilization. That way you can make sure your property is protected as the soil moves.

You want a professional who knows foundation repair to come out and take a look at your property. That way you know exactly what is happening after your 60-90 minute foundation inspection.

Make sure you can get the repairs you need – contact us today!

Are you ready to learn more about what’s happening with your property's foundation?

We offer free, no-obligation foundation inspections.

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