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Foundation Repair In Tustin, CA

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Tustin is a city in Orange County CA that is known for its beautiful hillside views. It is considered by many to be one of the best places to live in California.

Despite the beauty of the area, there are also some problems that can make owning a home difficult. This includes the soil, which is mostly expansive clay. As a result, some home foundations may shift and sink.

When you have problems with your foundation, it’s time to call Dalinghaus Construction. We have decades of experience and the manpower to get your home back where it needs to be.

Common Foundation Problems In Tustin, CA

When you look at your home, you are given indications of any problems it may be experiencing. These signs can alert you to those issues and if you know where to look, you can take prompt action before things get worse.

Some of these signs may alert you to foundation problems. Although seeing one problem in the list below may not mean your home is sinking, it should be watched carefully in case it progresses.

As the foundation sinks, it can cause the rest of the home to shift as well. This includes the door and window frames, which could result in visible gaps around the doors and windows.

Many people describe experiencing a sensation as if they were falling when walking across a room in a home that is sinking. This is particularly true in narrow areas, such as hallways. If you have that feeling, you may want to have the floors and foundation inspected.

The chimney is heavier than most people realize. It is also sitting on a part of the foundation that is not supported on both sides. As a result, that part of the foundation may sink and cause the chimney to lean or separate from the home.

Moisture in the crawlspace can cause many problems. It is also a common sign of foundation problems and can lead to wood rot. If you notice decaying wood in the crawlspace or if your crawlspace smells musty, you should have it checked.

Cracks in the ceiling are not always a sign of a foundation problem but they should be monitored. If they are large or if they expand, it may be a problem. In addition, ceiling cracks that continue down the wall are a common sign of foundation problems.

There is a tremendous amount of pressure associated with a sinking or shifting foundation. This can be transferred to the door and window frames. With enough torque, the doors and windows could show visible signs of damage.

Cracks may appear in the walls and floors as the foundation sinks unevenly, which is known as differential settlement. The cracks are usually significant in size and may expand over time. Carefully monitor any cracks in the walls and floors.

When you see cracks in the walls that look like stair steps, it is a classic sign of foundation problems. These cracks typically originate at or near a corner of the foundation.

Foundation Repair Services Offered In Tustin, CA

Dalinghaus Construction has helped many homeowners in Tustin and throughout Orange County when they had issues with their foundations. There are a number of options available for foundation repair services that may be used in your case. Here are a few to consider.

Concrete cracks may appear in the walls or on the floor. If they are significant, they could allow moisture to enter the home, leading to mold and other issues. Dalinghaus Construction uses a variety of methods to repair cracks, including polyurethane or epoxy injection, gravity-fed crack repair, and carbon fiber stitching.

A sinking concrete slab does not need to be a permanent problem. It is possible to lift the slab by injecting polyurethane foam into a void under the slab. The foam expands and has tremendous strength, so it lifts and supports the concrete. The process is quick and effective.

Is your crawlspace experiencing problems? This part of the home requires maintenance and, at times, repair. Dalinghaus Construction offers the necessary services for your crawlspace, including, post and pad replacement, seismic retrofitting, and crawlspace jacks.

There may be times when a foundation experiences enough problems that it can no longer safely support a structure. If that is the case, a partial or full foundation replacement may be needed.

Underpinning may be necessary for some homes with foundation problems. It uses push or helical piers to reach stable soil or bedrock. After the piers are resting on those stable areas, they can be attached to the foundation to lift it into place. Those piers also provide long-term vertical stabilization for the entire structure

Dalinghaus Construction also offers foundation repair services to commercial properties. After all, foundation problems are not limited to residential homes. Call us today for more information on how we can help.

Free Foundation Repair Inspection and Estimate in Tustin, CA

Have you had a foundation inspection recently? Most of us are familiar with home or pest inspections, but we might not realize the foundation needs to be inspected as well. Some experts recommend having it done every year.

Dalinghaus Construction offers a free foundation inspection for homeowners in Tustin and the surrounding area. All you have to do is request the inspection using the form on our website.

The inspection may take an hour or two, and during that time, we will look carefully for any problems that may be occurring. This is not a superficial inspection. After finishing, you will be provided with a detailed report on our findings and any recommendations we may have for fixing any issues.

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