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Foundation Repair in Westminster, CA

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Foundation Repair In The City of Westminster

If you’re looking for a nice multicultural environment, Westminster, CA, has a rich community with Western, Mexican, and Vietnamese histories. The city flourishes with fantastic food and a population of over 90,000.

With its decent population, that means there are also plenty of foundation issues home and business owners have to deal with.

There are solutions to foundation issues, though. Especially when you have reliable foundation repair contractors near you who are more than willing to help. With over 2,300 foundation repair projects around Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada, Dalinghaus Construction is one of the lead foundation repair contractors in the area. Our teams offer stupendous foundation repair solutions so your property doesn’t have to endure more damage from issues such as foundation settlement.

Signs of foundation problems in Westminster, CA?

You want to make sure you’re home or business isn’t dealing with multiple foundation issues. We highly recommend you reach out to a qualified and licensed foundation repair contractor if you’re dealing with foundation issues.

A combination of silty and sandy loams cover Westminster, CA, which makes homes and businesses susceptible to foundation settlement when the rainy season hits and things dry. Water likes to take soil with it as it flows down the streets and into drains. And when the warm weather inevitably comes back in Southern California, areas dry up, causing the soil to shrink.

When you’re dealing with these issues, you’ll want to reach out to a foundation repair company that can do the job right the first time. Dalinghaus Construction provides quality foundation repair, making sure to have your foundation repair project done correctly the first time.

How will my foundation repair project go in Westminster, CA?

You’ll have your foundation inspection scheduled for one of our Project Design Specialists to come to your property for a 60-90 minute foundation inspection. They will evaluate your property as they create a scaled drawing with floor elevation measurements. That way they can figure out the problem and the area affected.

After your inspection is done, you’ll receive a repair plan either the day of or after your inspection. This will include the scaled drawing, the recommended repair plan, and a full report of what your specialist found.

And if you agree to continue with your foundation repair, your project will be scheduled and underway.

Common repair methods Dalinghaus Construction uses in Westminster, CA

There are plenty of foundation repair companies that will use concrete to stabilize your home or business. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. However, some forms of concrete underpinning can exacerbate your foundation issues, especially with the stuff being fairly heavy. And it can be expensive. For these reasons, Dalinghaus Construction uses galvanized steel Push piers and Helical piers.

Push piers are hydraulically driven into the soil using the weight of your structure until reaching competent soil or bedrock. Helical piers have helices that allow them to be screwed into the ground like how you would screw something in with a screwdriver. In this case, a helical torque motor is used until the pier reaches competent soil or the recommended torque. They are used if your structure is too light for a push pier. They’re installed separately from your home or business.

The way these two systems act are like stilts for foundation stabilization. That way when the soil moves, your home or business doesn’t.

Foundation repair using galvanized steel push piers and helical piers is both cost-effective and fruitful for your needs.

These systems can also be used for foundation leveling, which lifts the area of your home or business to maximum practical recovery. When this happens for a slab-on-grade foundation, voids will be left in the ground. Even without a lift, the soil might need to be densified due to soil erosion.

Polyurethane foam will be injected into the ground for void fill, soil stabilization, and can even be used for releveling a building (if circumstances allow for it).

How are foundation cracks repaired?

This can be done in a couple of ways. Epoxy, a resin that acts like glue, will be gravity fed into the crack until it dries, acting like the glue version of Superman.

Carbon Fiber stitching can be attached to your cracks to reinforce, strengthen, and prevent water from coming into the cracks of your foundation.

Why should I have foundation repair for my Westminster, CA property?


You won’t get hurt when it comes to foundation settlement, but your home or business sure will. Usually in the form of cosmetic issues. Foundation repair will prevent those issues from getting worse.


Foundation issues will likely get worse if you decide to do nothing about protecting your home or business. As settlement gets worse, so will those cosmetic issues. Foundation repair will protect your structure from further damage.


You want to keep the extent of the damage to cosmetic issues. Most of what we deal with is home or business owners dealing with cosmetic issues, but we do foundation repair on buildings experiencing structural issues. Foundation repair can be done for structural damage but should be resolved sooner than those issues appear.


Structural issues can result in your property being red-tagged if you’re not careful. You don’t want the place you live or work to be deemed uninhabitable. Foundation repair will prevent the possibility of this happening. Granted, there has to be very bad and noticeable damage.
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home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Have your doors and windows felt like they’re sticky? Like they’re harder to open and close? Foundation settlement might be affecting your day-to-day in small ways. But at least with foundation repair you can combat and adjust the stickiness you’re dealing with.


Your floors might make you feel like you’re about to fall over. That or you’re seeing things from a new angle in life. It might be because when one area is affected by foundation settlement, it starts to sink. You don’t want those angles to become worse. Foundation repair can have your home or business stabilized so those angles won’t trip you up.


Foundation issues decrease the value of your property and limit you to cash buyers. The problems need to be legally disclosed, making it less likely banks are willing to loan for the property. Cash buyers can negotiate your property down by 30% of its original value. You’ll want foundation repair to happen to maintain your property’s full value and to expand your buyer base.


Foundation repair makes sense when you want to protect your top investment. You can stabilize your home or business and maintain the full value of your property. Most of all, you can ensure the longevity of your residential or commercial property.

Schedule a foundation inspection for your Westminster, CA, property!

When it comes to protecting your top investment from foundation issues, the first place to start is scheduling a foundation inspection. Make sure your home or business can last a long time and prevent the problems your property faces from getting worse.

It shouldn’t be an issue to make sure your Westminster, CA, property is protected. Dalinghaus Construction can help you will all of your foundation repair needs.

To get scheduled, you can go online or call (877)360-9277 today!

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