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Foundation Repair In The City of Stanton

The City of Stanton has a pretty interesting history with it first being incorporated in 1911 to fight the construction of a sewage plant, then de-incorporating in 1924 to avoid the costs of building roads, and finally re-incorporating in 1956 after having a big portion of its land annexed by new, neighboring cities. Just like its neighbors throughout Orange County, Stanton homeowners are often dealt with looking into foundation repair caused by the areas poor surface soils. The mixture of organic materials and clays leads to the formation of an expansive clay that becomes incompetent and unstable through the vicious cycles of expanding in the presence of moisture and shrinking or contracting as it dries out. This is especially problematic with Southern California’s recent droughts! We’ve been trusted by countless Stanton homeowners to repair their home’s foundation, and we’ve become familiar with the common signs and symptoms of a settling foundation:

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